Frequently Asked Questions

Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* Toothpaste

  • How do you open the cap?
    The Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* tube has a unique tamper evidence safety seal. To open this safety seal, use the top of the cap as shown on the outer carton. Make the top of the cap fit securely with the crown shape on the tube and then twist the cap to break the seal open.
  • How does the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* with Pro-Argin* Technology provide instant relief?
    Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpaste instantly relieves sensitivity by physically plugging open dentin tubules, which helps block pain sensations from reaching the tooth nerves.
  • What is the unique combination of ingredients in the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpaste?
    The unique combination of ingredients in Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* is arginine and the insoluble calcium compound, calcium carbonate.
  • What is "Pro-Argin*"?
    "Pro-Argin" is Colgate's trademark name for the technology consisting of arginine and an insoluble calcium compound. In Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* products, the insoluble calcium compound is calcium carbonate.
  • What is the source of your arginine? Natural or synthetic?
    The arginine used in Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* products is naturally derived from plant/vegetable sources.
  • How much arginine is in the Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpaste?
    Arginine is present at 8% in the formula.
  • Are there any safety issues related to the direct application of toothpaste with fluoride and/or arginine?
    There are no safety issues related to direct application of Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpaste when used as directed.
  • Does this toothpaste protect my teeth from cavities?
    Yes, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* contains fluoride which effectively protects teeth from cavities. This protection is as good as standard fluoride toothpastes.
  • If a mouthwash is used after brushing with Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* will this counteract the benefits?
    We are not aware of any common mouthwash ingredients that would counteract the efficacy of the product.
  • Can I use Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpaste every day?
    Yes, it is recommended that you use Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpaste twice a day or as directed by a dentist for lasting relief.
  • Do I ever need to take a break from using it?
    As Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpaste contains fluoride for every day cavity protection, there is no need to take a break from using it.
  • Does Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* contain fluoride?
    Yes, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* contains 1450ppm fluoride to provide cavity protection.
  • What makes Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* different from most other sensitive toothpastes?
    Most other sensitivity toothpastes contain potassium which primarily numbs the tooth nerve masking the pain of sensitivity. Potassium toothpastes take at least 2 weeks of use before significant sensitivity relief is delivered. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* effectively plugs and seals open dentine tubules, the cause of sensitivity. This prevents pain producing stimuli, such as heat and cold, from causing pain sensations. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* provides instant relief when directly applied with fingertip to a sensitive tooth and massaged for one minute. It provides lasting relief when you brush your teeth twice daily.
  • Does it have to be used with any special toothbrush?
    No, but you might want to use a brush with soft bristles that is specially designed for sensitive teeth, like the Colgate* 360°* Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothbrush.
  • Is this product safe for infants and children?
    Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* is recommended for adults and children over 12 years. Children typically do not experience hypersensitivity.
  • What is the difference between Colgate* Sensitive and Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpastes? How do I choose the best option for me?
    Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpaste is a brand new product for the treatment of sensitive teeth. When applied directly, it offers instant sensitivity relief and with continuous use, long lasting sensitivity relief. While Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* is a new way of treating sensitive teeth, we are also committed to providing consumers with a range of different offerings in the sensitive segment. We will continue to offer our other Colgate Sensitive toothpaste variants.
  • Whitening treatments sometimes make my teeth sensitive. Does this product work in this case?
    At this stage, we do not have dedicated clinical studies measuring sensitivity relief in conjunction with whitening treatments. However, we have no reason to believe that Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpaste would not provide relief in these circumstances.
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Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* Enamel Repair Toothpaste

  • How does Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* Enamel Repair work to repair my enamel?
    The combination of fluoride plus Pro-Argin* technology enhances the natural process of remineralization to repair your tooth's enamel better than fluoride alone. With regular use, it smoothes out damage on the enamel surface caused by common acidic foods and beverages, creating a reparative layer for long-lasting protection. It has been clinically proven to provide enamel protection and repair.
  • What is tooth enamel?
    Tooth enamel is one of the four major tissues that make up the tooth (the other three being dentin, cementum, and dental pulp). It is the hardest and most highly mineralized substance in the human body. Ninety-six percent of enamel consists of mineral, with water and organic material composing the rest.
  • How is enamel erosive damage related to sensitivity?
    They are related by acids' effect on the tooth's surface. When acid attacks the tooth, it attacks all exposed surfaces (enamel and exposed dentin). While exposed dentin can lead to sensitivity that you can feel, you may not see the acid damage that can lead to enamel erosion.
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Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* Mouthwash

  • What is "Pro-Argin*Mouthwash Technology"?
    "Pro-Argin* Mouthwash Technology"is Colgate's name for the proprietary arginine technology in a mouthwash.
  • How much arginine is in the Pro-Argin* Mouthwash Technology?
    Arginine is present at 0.8% in the formula.
  • How does Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* Mouthwash work?
    Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* Mouthwash works by coating the channels that lead to sensitive tooth nerves, to block the pain coming from sensitivity.
  • Are there other mouthwashes that relieve sensitivity pain?
    Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* mouthwash is the first and only mouthwash that coats the dentin tubules to provide effective and lasting sensitivity relief against sensitivity pain with continuous use. No other mouthwash works via occlusion to build a long lasting protective barrier that acts like a seal against sensitivity
  • Do Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpaste and Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* Mouthwash work in the same way to block sensitivity pain?
    While both the toothpaste and the mouthwash protect against pain from sensitivity, Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpaste plugs the channels that lead to sensitive tooth nerves, to block the pain. Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* mouthwash coats the channels to block the external stimuli from triggering a pain response. Together the products provide instant and lasting relief and fresh breath with regular use.
  • Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* Mouthwash is labeled "alcohol free". What does this alcohol free labeling refer to?
    The alcohol free labeling refers to the fact that this product does not contain ethyl alcohol or ethanol, the alcohol commonly found in spirits.
  • How quickly can I get sensitivity relief? Is this related to the mouthwash or the toothpaste?
    The earliest is 2 weeks for the mouthwash. Use with Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* toothpaste (following directions for use) for instant and lasting relief.
  • To get long-lasting relief, do I need to keep using Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* Mouthwash?
    Yes, rinse twice daily or as directed by a dentist for lasting relief.
  • Can I get fast relief by simply rinsing my mouth with Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* Mouthwash?
    Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief* mouthwash is clinically proven to provide significant sensitivity relief after 2 weeks of twice-daily rinsing.
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